Freight Shipping in Louisville

If you`re looking to build a dependable supply chain, shipping matters. We ensure customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to deliver your shipments on time. Louisville Cartage Company has established ourselves as the top shipping company in the Louisville area. If you need your freight to arrive safely according to the deadline, call (502) 447-4252 and see what we can do for you.

Road Shipping

One of our most popular options is road shipping. Our trucks can provide the speed and flexibility that other shipping methods can`t. With road shipping, your shipments are sent to points of convenience according to your schedule. It`s an excellent, cost-effective solution for shipping over short distances. Other features of road shipping are:

Variability: Freight trucking delivers throughout local neighborhoods and across borders, with flexible arrival and departure times. The door-to-door options of freight trucking make it excellent for smaller businesses.

Expedited Services: If you need to get a shipment out before the end of the day, our freight trucking is perfect for you. We tailor our schedules to meet your needs and your customer`s needs.

Cost-Effective: Road shipping offers an affordable means to ship goods for local deliveries.

Small Freight Shipping

If you need to move a very small shipment, try our small freight shipping services. Small freight shipping is the easiest way to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. A small freight shipping job can be completed in the time it could take a larger freight to get off standby.

Rail Shipping

Rail shipping is an excellent green solution, as it produces significantly fewer emissions than road shipping. Further, it`s a highly dependable form of shipping, as it allows for fast deliveries during any weather, such as snow or heavy rain. Our rail transportation services provide an affordable way to move shipments across long distances, and we use extensive local railway systems to transfer loads between regions.

Air Freight Shipping

One of Louisville Cartage Company`s top shipping methods includes air freight shipping. Airfreight shipping is an excellent way to reduce risk and is typically used for high-cost goods. We can bypass physical barriers such as lakes or mountains by shipping via plane. It`s an excellent choice if you`re looking to reduce costs or avoid having perishable goods spoil.

Freight Shipping Delivered on Time

Over time, we`ve established a reputation for making our shipments on time and according to deadlines. No matter what kind of supply is delivered, our logistics experts go to great lengths to ensure your goods arrive safely and on schedule. We use only the most up-to-date tracking equipment available and closely monitor our shipments. Should unexpected weather conditions arise or a traffic jam, we can re-route deliveries as necessary.

A Shipping Company You Can Depend On

Call us today and speak to our customer service staff. We`ll discuss your needs and provide you with a shipping solution that`s perfect for you. Our experienced team knows the most efficient way to ship any goods, so don`t be afraid to let us know exactly what you`re looking for.