Intermodal Trucking in Louisville

When the time comes to find an intermodal trucking company for your long-distance shipping operations, we invite you to contact Louisville Cartage Company. Ranked among the finest of all trucking companies in the Louisville region, we are here to deliver your belongings from one mode of shipping to another.

Look to us when the time comes to invite on-time, affordable, and compliant shipping experts into your supply chain. Call (502) 447-4252 today to learn more.

Louisville Cartage Company: Committed to Your Intermodal Trucking Needs

There are many ways to move freight in this day and age. You can ship cargo via trains on railways, ships on the sea, airplanes, and 18-wheeler trucks. When it comes to long-distance shipping, some cargo containers will go from railway carts to planes or cargo ships.

Who do clients and shipping companies look to when they need someone to get their cargo from one loading dock to another? They contact us—the reasons why are obvious. We offer top-tier customer service, express delivery, and handle cargo with care. Get in touch with us to schedule a delivery today or keep reading to learn more.

Transparent Trucking Company

We don’t just ask our clients to trust us. We give them countless reasons to trust us. We don’t just price our trucking services fairly, we are also completely transparent in our pricing practices, too. We let our clients know how we draft our service quotes and so much more. Do you want to know about our liability coverage? Ask whatever questions come to mind. We are the transparent intermodal trucking company that addresses all of our client’s questions.

Affordable Services

We run a streamlined operation. Our cargo-carrying capacity and cutting-edge approach to logistics allow us to keep costs low and to use no more fuel than necessary. Every dollar that we save is another savings opportunity passed on to you.

Would you like to learn more about our intermodal trucking company? Contact us at your leisure. Before long, you will see that we are the trucking company worth partnering with.

On-Time Intermodal Shipping

It isn’t just you that needs your cargo to arrive at the next loading dock or the final destination on time. For any freight, there are countless parties depending on its swift and safe arrival. We make sure that every individual at every link in the supply chain benefits from our involvement. We will get your cargo to the next loading dock on time.

Handling all of Your Cargo

As a crucial link between various forms of transportation and shipping services, we have the privilege to ship cargo of all varieties. From automotive parts to electronics and the countless products you find in supermarkets, we ship it all. We take every precaution, double-check every container prior to departure, and more. Let us be the ones you count on.

Speak with Our Shipping Experts Today

Take the next step toward efficient shipping practices. Work with the region’s finest by scheduling a consultation today. We’ll let you know which services we offer, our service area, and whatever else you would like to know. Call (502) 447-4252 today.