LTL Trucking in Louisville

Louisville Cartage Company specializes in providing reliable LTL trucking to businesses located in and around Louisville. Less than load trucking is a budget-friendly way to reduce shipping costs and ensure your products are received in top condition. Not only do we offer superior rates, but we also go the extra mile to ensure your shipment is made on time and your clients are treated with nothing but the utmost respect.

Our hand-selected team is comprised of fully insured, licensed drivers who receive additional safety and industry training to serve your interests the best. Why pay more for shipments than necessary?

Connect with our experts by dialing (502) 447-4252 to discover affordable ways to guarantee the safe transport of your products.

5 Advantages of Working with an LTL Trucking Company

Has your business ever had to resort to booking full shipments, even though your freight doesn’t fill the container to capacity? If this is the case, you’re going to love what our LTL trucking company has to offer. Gone are the days of overpaying for the movement of goods. As our partners, you can enjoy the benefit of:

  1. Access more favorable shipping rates
  2. An improvement in the security of your shipments
  3. A reduced carbon footprint for your businesses
  4. Professional logistics experts that help you navigate any challenge

We work diligently with you to ensure your shipments arrive promptly and in pristine condition, as well as to identify ways to save your business time and money. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to explore affordable options that help you grow your business and strengthen your bottom line.

Choose a Local LTL Carrier That Puts You First

Right from the start, our promise to you has been to put the needs of your business first during every interaction and scheduled service we provide. We are an established LTL carrier that goes above and beyond to give you access to the tools you need to scale up your business, streamline your delivery systems, and broaden the horizons for your organization to reach your goals.

Allow us the opportunity to consult with you at no risk to explain the many ways our services can help your company thrive. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Choose the Best LTL Carrier

As long-time professionals with a reputation for being up there among the best LTL carriers, our shipping industry knowledge has no bounds. No matter what you intend to ship, you can always count on us to connect you with the delivery services you rely on to keep your clients satisfied with your business.

  • Competitive rates
  • Impeccable turnaround times
  • Secure transportation of goods

Call an Experienced LTL Freight Company

Louisville Cartage Company is a seasoned LTL freight company with a large employment of licensed and fully insured driving professionals and a fleet of well-maintained transport trucks. We strive to connect new and growing businesses in Louisville with freight shipping solutions that match your needs and align with your budget and deadlines.

Reach us to discuss the specifics of your next shipment during a no-obligation consultation. Phone (502) 447-4252 to book an appointment.