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LTL Trucking

Louisville Cartage Company is the established LTL trucking partner your business can always rely on. We are industry leaders with many years of experience providing prompt, affordable solutions to organizations spanning virtually every industry. When you need to move freight that doesn’t fill up an entire truck, let our experts fine-tune the details to satisfy your clients and save you time and money.

Each of our drivers is a vetted professional who is licensed and fully insured. We also provide additional safety and industry training to stay at the forefront of our field.

Connect with us to explore affordable ways to ship goods and products in small batches. Phone (502) 447-4252 to book a risk-free consultation.

What Makes Us the Best LTL Carrier?

When you want unparalleled innovation that contributes to the success of your supply and delivery chains, you’ll want to make sure to partner with one of the best LTL carriers in the region.

What makes us stand out from the rest? To start, we guarantee:

  • Your shipments will be delivered on time
  • Your company will enjoy the benefits of reduced shipping expenses
  • You gain access to customizable services that serve your unique business model better
  • You gain peace of mind knowing your clients will be treated well when receiving shipments

An obligation-free consultation would give us the opportunity to demonstrate our finesse for fine-tuning small cargo shipments to better suit your goals. Get the ball rolling today by phoning our team to set up an appointment. 

An LTL Trucking Company Offering a Full Suite of Affordable Services

Whether your goal is to move one skid of products to a client, or you’re a bigger organization with the objective of moving larger quantities, we’re the certified professionals with the background and experience to meet your needs precisely.

Combing your exceptional products with our in-depth knowledge of shipping creates a synergistic partnership that allows your business to grow faster.

Reach us to discuss your shipping requirements with a seasoned professional who is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today for more details.

Why it Makes Sense to Rely on a Local LTL Carrier

You’ve already mastered your business strategy, fine-tuned your products, and have taken care of many of the fine details surrounding production. However, when it comes to moving freight, without the qualifications and experience of a reliable, local LTL carrier, you could be paying more to get your goods to your clients than necessary. That’s where we come in. Allow us to examine the fine details of your shipments and streamline our services to meet your needs.

We ensure you’re getting the best rates and that you never have to pay for a full load of cargo when you don’t need it, ever again.

Want to find out more about how less than truckload shipping can reduce your freight expenses? Get in touch to book a risk-free consultation.

Call a Leading LTL Freight Company

Louisville Cartage Company takes great pride in our outstanding reputation for being among the best in our industry. We are an established LTL freight company well-known for always going the extra mile for our clients.

Contact us by dialing (502) 447-4252 to set up an appointment to consult with licensed professionals who put your best interests first.

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